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Introducing Twisted & Coiled, a captivating commercial collection crafted exclusively for Autumn Winter 2020 by Baggit India Pvt Ltd. This exquisite assortment features four distinct bags, catering to various needs, from compact elegance to spacious laptop-sized utility. Each bag within the collection showcases twisted and coiled handles, meticulously fashioned from high-quality PU material, accentuated by opulent gold fittings.

During my 1.5-year tenure at Baggit, I played a multifaceted role that spanned various aspects of the company's operations and product development. This included trend forecasting and analysis, material and hardware sourcing, user and market studies, competitive brand analysis, sales assortment planning and analysis, product design and sampling, costing and merchandising, as well as visual merchandising and crafting compelling story tags. These responsibilities collectively contributed to Baggit's growth and market presence.

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